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  Dental Makeover

Dental Extreme Makeover “Cosmetic Dentistry Can Give Anyone the Smile of Their Dream”

Thanks to advancements in modern dental care, a variety of options are available to help any person have a dazzling new smile more easily today than ever before.

A broader range of dental possibilities exists within the field of Reconstructive , Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry. Recent advancements in equipment, ceramic technology, materials and highly specialized training when coupled with well tenured experience ... has established an elite group of Cosmetic Dentistry Bangkok.

Dramatic Premium Dentistry

An elite group of well trained and heavily experienced dentists are now able to nearly create or recreate what was once considered impossible. The Perfect Smile. The accomplished dentist is able to incorporate a variety of procedures and artistic perspective to produce just about any imaginable degree of "dazzle" and makeover desired.

Cosmetic dentistry can involve a few specific procedures and materials to produce results in a matter of hours or a few days. Reconstructive dentistry often consists of a constellation of a procedures and use of a wide variety of materials. Our cosmetic dentists and ceramists work together, with the aid of state of the art computerized imaging, to craft the best possible reconstructive components for producing precisely what you seeks.

Case 1
This was a very straight forward case. The patient in this photo was extremely self conscious of the tetracycline stain of his lower front teeth which was caused by excessive antibiotic.

In this after photo, we see the tremendous improvement in the appearance of his teeth. He chose to have eight veneers placed from the first bicuspid to first bicuspid.

Ideally, when one does an esthetic makeover, eight teeth should be done. If the patient has a very broad smile and shows a lot of teeth one might consider doing more.

Incidentally, what you don't see here is the dramatic positive impact it has made on his self esteem and confidence … all in only 7 days!!

Case 2
As seen in this photo, the patient felt she had crowns that did not look natural, felt bulky and due to receeding gum tissue, started developing unsightly black lines where the porcelain material was fused to the metal substrate. She also had difficulties with food getting trapped in the spaces between her crowns.

The patient was very unhappy with her appearance. Even her husband commented that every time she smiled, the various cosmetic stains could be seen along with food that was becoming routinely trapped between her teeth.

We performed a thorough examination and has able to determine that newer advanced porcelain crowns (solid porcelain) could be used to eliminate the "black line" phenomenon that occurs with the older style porcelain crowns. Current crown technology also offers more "translucency qualities" which makes the tooth appear to be "real."

We also assured the patient that with additional cosmetic procedures he could make her lower teeth appear perfectly straight, with perfect color and create a customized, very feminine smile .... all in only 5 days!!

Case 3
This patient had just been divorced after leaving an abusive relationship. She needed a confidence boost and wanted to change her smile. Her main concern was her gummy smile on the front teeth.

After completing a diagnostic wax-up and a comprehensive examination with x-rays it was determined that we would start with the upper arch and perform crown lengthening of the four incisors.

Utilizing the Waterlase laser in a very comfortable procedure with very little bleeding or discomfort, we removed gum tissue from the facial aspect of the central and lateral incisors. Patients exhibit very little post-op discomfort and quicker healing time with the laser because it is a closed tissue procedure. There are no incisions made.

Case 4
The gentleman in the adjacent photo had a constellation of dental problems and issues. The patient had teeth that were badly decayed at the gum line under old fillings and crowns. His bite had also changed over the years as it does with most people as they age. Over the years your bite gets worn down, which makes your teeth shorter which in turn makes your entire face shorter. Your lips lose the support from the teeth and your entire face gets impacted from years of wear and grinding.

The reconstruction was done with customized ceramic porcelain crowns and precision porcelain veneers. As can be seen in this dramatic photo, the patient regained form, function and mostly certainly an aesthetic effect that is dazzling and will endure for years to come.

This major porcelain reconstructive makeover had a dramatic impact on the patient. He acquired a great smile, better lip support, correct bite and overwhelmingly increased self confidence. He also enjoyed the added bonus of appearing younger in age.
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